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Rafter C Cattle produces the ultimate in beef efficiency and desirable color - The Black Charolais. The effort of Rafter C Cattle has culminated in fostering an animal for today's cattle market.


  • Not armchair owners - we are hands-on
  • DNA pedigree and color testing, validation and Charolais registration
  • Aggressive and selective culling and breeding program
  • Respectful annimal handling based on Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program
  • Animal traceability is intrinsic within our program
  • Cattle are routinely trained to be calmly moved via ATV/UTV or horse
  • Raised with humane and modern handling techniques
  • Focus on developing a working animal

Why buy a Black Charolais from Rafter C Cattle?

  • Charolais – a breed known for outstanding live-weight gains, carcass quality, and handling disposition
  • We offer a unique and progressive genetic opportunity
  • All bulls are certified virgin or come with complete health papers
  • Paper ready for Interstate travel and shipping
  • BLACK – a color desired by cattle breeders, buyers, and growers
  • Our animals are bred for maternal traits, calving ease and reproductive performance
  • Range raised – won’t fall apart in the pasture
  • Rafter C Cattle stands behind all bull sales – we want your reoccurring business

Black Charlolais Cattle Sales

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  • Our commitment to a long-term and recurring customer relationship – we encourage customer feedback and success stories
  • Integrity – The worst thing we could do is waste your time and money.  You won´t be disappointed when you personally see our animals and facilities
  • Our sale includes all animal records, registration papers, DNA test results, and pedigree
  • Live animal, semen and embryo options

4B Black Charolais Bull

DOB: 10/15/2014
BW: 78
Adjusted WW: 464

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2B Black Charolais Bull

DOB: 10/15/2014
BW: 75
Adjusted WW: 490

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22C Black Charolais Bull


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1B Black Charolais Bull

DOB: 10/14/2014
BW: 77
Adjusted WW: 369

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30C Black Charolais Bull

DOB: 01/25/2015
BW: 82 lbs
WW: 674/639 adj

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16C Black Charolais Bull

DOB: 01/12/2015
BW: 85 lbs
WW: 862 lbs/705 adj.

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Rafter C Cattle, LLC.
Is a Texas based Limited Liability Company.

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